Monday, June 14, 2010

A day off!!

Everyday since May 4th has been busy, busy, busy!!! I have a day off to myself today and what am I doing? Laundry. It has stopped raining long enough to at least get some done... Cleaning our bedroom and putting away the laundry that had been washed & folded, but just stacked here and there. Playing games on the to take a break occasionally. And going thru boxes and space bags and throwing away or putting away stuff! I can see some of our bedroom floor now.
I am also going through the guest room (formerally the wool room) and sorting and moving stuff from there. All the wool 'stuff' is going to the basement. Someday I hope to have the shop setup in there and the fiber mill. But for now the shop, when open, will be called a farm stand. (o; Town rules.
It will be nice to have the main floor of the house be living quarters, and the bottom floor/basement be the business part of the farm. The dehumider (Thank you Valery and Paul) had be going for 3 days straight, and is finally taking long breaks. So, it is very nice to have a dry basement. (For those of you who don't know, 2 sides of the house are built into the hillside. When it rains, it can get damp in the basement. We had mushrooms growing in there last year...)
When I can get my photo program in the 'new' computer, I will take pictures to post here. But, in the meantime, back to work!!

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correspondent said...

Hi there,

Sounds like you've got some major reorganization going on in your house right now! Just wanted to say we're glad Space Bags are helping out, even a little. If you're thinking of buying more Space Bags, to possibly keep your wool protected against moisture in the basement, then consider joining our Space Savers community, where you can get discounts on Space Bag products.

Good luck with everything! Feel free to use the contact form if you'd like to get in touch. Hope to hear from you soon.

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