Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Our weekend in Connecticut

Jerry and I took 30 hours away from the farm to go visit my daughter and her husband. We went to a potluck supper at the Yacht Club with their friends and members of the club. At 10:30 at night we were playing pool in the game room, and then trying out the Wii. By midnight we were back to the boat and into bed. Sunday morning Valery and I watched George catching crabs. After breakfast, we went out into the sound in their boat and played tourist... It was such a nice break. I just wish it could have been longer, but it is hard to get someone (free) to come out to the farm and take care of the animals.
Cormorants nesting on the tower. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cormorant
Although locally referred to as an island, the site is actually a peninsula connected to the town of Stratford by beach and to the city of Bridgeport by a bridge. This wooden bridge last burned in 1996, has not been repaired, and there seems to be no interest in doing so. (Taken from website listed below.)
Information about Pleasure Island/Steeplechase Island/Seabreeze Island.
The pictures taken here of Pleasure Beach were apparently taken before more arson and other vandalism.
Valery and Jerry waiting for me. We are headed for Pleasure Island. I wish I had brought my camera...
Sunday morning started with watching Valery and Paul's friend George catching crabs. Here is a little one hanging out with little fishes.
http://eeyc.org/  Where Val and Paul reside.

Another shot of the cormorants nesting.
I am really disliking the newest version of blogger!! It won't let me put my pictures in proper order!

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