Friday, November 05, 2010

The chickens are here!

Recycled wood.
 This is all so new to me! I have never had chickens before, but have always wanted some. Now, we have 14 hens and a rooster. Jerry didn't want them near the house and told me to clean out the garage overhang. So, I did. Judy and Jean allowed me to recycle some doors, wood, and a nesting box. As well as their feeders and waterers.
During construction.
I needed to rehome some heat ducts (a house worth) to the 2nd floor of the barn, a van full of 'trash' to the dump, and the Gravely attachments all to 2 pallets, as well as other 'stuff'. Now we have a large chicken coop, and Jerry's tractor can go under the overhang to stay out of the weather. Now, I need to do the same to the garage. It is FULL of wool from our customers. I am sorting by color to go into blankets, and breed to sell or have processed into yarn, roving or felt pads.
PT 4x4s form the foundation. Psycho comes to watch.
 (I wish I could put these pictures in order, but Blogger is giving me a hard time about it. Sorry. But most of it is self explanatory.)
Cleaning out 10 years worth of 'stuff'

10 years worth of stuff.

Ewww! Found a dead woodchuck under all of the wool!

Grapes are yummy!
  Free ranging for the first time since we brought them home Tuesday night.
Isn't he gorgeous?

Can you see me?

 Inside the new chicken coop. The only thing not recycled was the chicken wire and the 2x4 studs.
The back plywood came from the original barn. The floor boards were left over from building the house and barn. The window was a free cycled sliding glass door. We took off the handle and lock and put it on its side. The rooster spends a lot of time there. The door, nesting box and feeders came from Judy & Jean. The trash cans for grain had come from another farm with sheep. The saw horses are left over from building the house. They are not good for anything heavy anymore, so the chickens get them for roosting. The roost posts are trees from behind the garage that Jerry cut down and screwed to the saw horses.
So far, the only expense is food, chicken wire/hardware cloth and 2x4s. I can live with that!


Caroline in NH said...

Beautiful! Wonderful job! Enjoy your chickens; and yes, that is a fabulous rooster!

Long Ridge Farm said...

Welcome to Chickendom! They are such a great addition to the farm and I am sure you will enjoy their antics and lovely eggs!

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