Sunday, March 06, 2011

This was a first for us

I managed to get to bed by 8 pm Friday night and to sleep pretty quick, only to be awakened at 10:30 by a screaming lamb. Thoroughly annoyed I got up to put the lost lamb back with its mother, (they keep rolling under the gate) only to find out that Cassidy had a 2nd lamb 7 hours after the first. Well, there went my sleep for the rest of the night... I now know why I could not get one of the nipples open. At least the little ram was able to get some much needed colostrum. But, I still could not fall asleep wondering if he was going to make it.

And, yes, we are positive it is hers as she was in the lambing pen all by herself!

Went to a lambing clinic Saturday. No matter how long one has been at this, there is always something new to learn. Or in our case, share. But we did learn about dystocia up close. This site has good some great pictures, but the good and the bad...

Sunday we planned on going to church, our monthly spinning meeting and then dinner with friends. Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans... God has other plans for us. Ewenice presented us with twins. But, we did not know who the lambs belonged to because they were in general population when we got out to feed and with everyone yelling for food at once, no one was paying attention to the pair. But, once fed we figured it out. The rest of the day was not the way it was meant to go either, but that is ok.

Now, just for the last 7 ewes to wait until after daylight to lamb or Thursday...

TTFN and here is to hoping and praying for a sleep-filled night!!

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sheep tight Cindy!

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