Monday, October 17, 2011

Vermont Sheep & Wool festival 2011

 This year's festival was great!! Despite the rain on Saturday, sales were fairly brisk. I think it helps us a lot that we sell ALL of our roving by the ounce. It makes life easier, and less expensive, for the needlefelters.
 Hurricane Irene's damage was evident, but the fairgrounds and most of the roads in were spared!

Coming up on the fairgrounds.


And a tent that is filling up fast.

An empty tent.

 We had to put the Aerostar out to pasture this spring and knew the truck could not hold all of the product that the van had. We were able to score a horse trailer from a fellow spinner. Now I will be able to have another 'vehicle' that I can leave product in all summer and unload as needed!! Life is great. Thank you Judy! As you can see below, we had it filled all the way to the top, and every compartment as well. It was nice to not have to take apart my wire racks to fit in the truck.

Jerry unloading the trailer. We did this Friday before the rain.

The horse trailer was filled to the top.

More 'stuff' came on Sunday.

Need fleece? Or roving? We have plenty to sell. And lots of differnet breeds.

It was nice to be able to open these on Sunday.

A whole lot of Icelandic fleeces.

By Sunday it cleared enough to open up the tent and the product.

We are just a little crowded when it rains...

The Pavillion.

We are in Overhang #1. Right in front.

My best half!

I have been spinning this since farmer's market in September and now it is done!!
The center is Maggie, my original Dorset/Romney, and the outer is a blend of Maggie and Angora.

 Since the blend is a little bright, I am plying it with Maggie. I will take pictures and post of the skein after it has been washed.

I will post the Wool Arts Tour pictures when my camera comes back home and I get it downloaded.

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