Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Two more births.

Candace, our youngest adult Horned Dorset, gave us a 9# and a 10# set of twin rams.

 Mini Me gave us a 14# ram. I pulled a leg to move the shoulder forward to ease him out. This was her 1st lambing. She is an excellent mom!! She is mostly Dorset, with ~1/8-1/4 Border Leicester/Jacob.

 Cloud (wethered Romney) and one of the yearling ewes checking in on the excitement.

 Kane, Horned Dorset, the father of Patience and Mini Me's lambs.
The end of the barn is where the majority of our ewes give birth. Occasionally they are happy to go to the lambing jug for the chance to be alone to have their lambs.

 Some more of the ladies in waiting.
 Gracie, with the older lambs and Keira (one of the mothers)
 Lizzie, of on the borders. She's GOT to go soon!
             And her friend Dolores, another border. I think Dolores will have a single, but Lizzie will have        twins. They have been bred to Stormy, our silver/gray Romney. They are both Border Leicesters.    
I like the  BL/Romney crosses. I hope they give us girls....
 Rachel, a very pregnant Horned Dorset is bringing her sister Ruth's ram up the hill. Ruth is scarfing greens at the bottom of the hill with the chickens.
Hey! What are you doing up  there?

 Rachel and Ruth, with Ruth's lamb and Keira's lamb.
 Keira smells his butt and determines that this is her lamb.

 Aren't I pretty!?
 Mini Me's lamb nurses before either one of them stand up.
 Candace's twins.
 Hey! Let me show you my balls! (o;
 This shows just how big a 14# newborn is!
One of Candace's twins came out of the lambing jug to see the new boy.

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