Sunday, June 24, 2012

I am having trouble with the computer and camera agreeing to download pictures into a place I can find...I've used Picassa3 for years....and now they don't like each other. I've even emptied the pictures from the program into my removable hard-drive, and still it is a no go. I downloaded pictures from the camera  the other day, and of course it asks if you want to delete the pictures on the camera.... They are somewhere on this computer, but only God knows and I've not taken the time to sit down with the computer for any period of time and ask Him.

I have fleeces to put on the fleece blog (this verbal rant is there as well), but I can not YET locate the pictures. So, please know that I am not ignoring anyone!!

In the meantime, we are getting fleeces (not for the blog) washed, and drying, in readiness for the picker and carder. Other fleeces are headed for the dye-pot, and then the drying screens, for either sale as fleece pieces or eventually as roving.

I am working in the lower level of the house today and enjoying the coolness of concrete floors. Taking inventory of what is left to sell and what is left to wash. Always fun!!

And, if I finally get the computer and camera working...July's featured SALE!! fleece will be Northern NH ICELANDIC.


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