Monday, August 12, 2013

Only 46 days until VT Sheep and Wool Festival!

And, I apologize that I am not real good about keeping this up-to-date! It seems it is quicker to get onto Face Book and post a line or two there. If you are not already following us, then click on this link and 'friend' the farm.

I emptied the basement, and what was left in the horse trailer, and set them out on a large tarp. I need to go pull off the top tarp and set it on the ground under the skirting table. It will make clean up a lot quicker!! I will be taking pictures of various fleeces and FINALLY get them posted.

We have a double space this year at the VT Sheep & Wool Festival and one tent may end up being all sale fleeces! $5/bag for small and $10/bag for large. Same price on the fleece blog. The only fleeces not selling at that price will be the ones grown here. But, they will be 20% off the regular price for our 20th year as Ewe & I Farm. Hope to see you at the festival!!

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