Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sheep & goat vaccinations, worming and diseases

(I know I owe pictures, but I've not taken the time yet to download them. They are all on Google though. I just need to figure out how to link my blog to Google...)

I was asked today about sheep & goat vaccinations and worming, so I did a little Google searching. It is always good to know that we give the right product to our animals, as well as to others animals.

I apologize in advance for only using the links in this post. There is a LOT of information in each of these sites that anyone raising sheep or goats for ANY reason should know.


This website has LOTS of information.

Everything you could possibly ever want to know about parasites and then some.

The whole website is always worth checking out, and rechecking!! Even for those of us who've had sheep for 20+ years.

And, this is where we (personally) buy all our supplies.

An informative Face Book page.


I don't like the name of this website, but it does tell a lot about the vaccinations goats need, and why.

About CDT

More worm information for both sheep and goats.

And where we get our goat supplies.

We use this in the spring. Cydectin.

And, we use this in the fall. Valbezen.

Both Cydectin and Valbezen can be used on goats. As well as Safeguard.

If we have to worm sheep only in between these 2 wormers.we use Ivomectrin in various forms.

Also for sheep only.

 A lot more information about deworming and the kinds of worms.


 One thing that every goat and sheep producer, whether one animal or hundreds, should know!!

Sheep and Goat Diseases Outlined From A to Z

And preventions, outlined.

I will be following Agri-View on Face Book as well.

Now that you've been overwhelmed....I am heading onto chickens. Then, llamas and alpacas. And, maybe even pigs. I might wait on cow/cattle info until we actually are in a place to get some. And, then again...


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