Tuesday, May 19, 2015

NH Sheep & Wool 2015

I did not get any pictures this year (except a couple of the booth which I will try to get on here). I did not go far from our booth as I was, and still am, a hurting unit. I have a femoral hernia that will be repaired June 2nd. In the meantime my hip decided to give me grief as well....

Saturday was a very profitable day. Selling sheep, goat, llama and alpaca fleeces by the pound paid off greatly. I hope all who purchased for us this year, and like what they purchased, will let their friends know. And, if they are not happy that they will let me know directly!!

Sunday was incredibly HOT!!! And, attendance was way down. I don't blame people for not coming out. I don't think I'd want to buy wool in the extreme heat.

I hope to get some fleeces listed on the blog(s) soon. Just not today. Leg/hip is hurting worse than it had been, so I am not going far from the couch and the computer. Will let y'all know via Face Book & this blog when I do so.


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