Friday, January 01, 2016

Happy New Year all!

I've ordered a new battery an SD card for my 15 year old digital camera. The same camera that has taken ALL of the pictures for this blog. I hope that is all that is required to 'fix' it. I am not ready to replace it yet.

Tracking says the card will be here Wednesday. No news on the battery...

When the parts arrive,  I will start taking pictures of the fleeces I will have available for sale. We have LOTS of llama fleece available for $5/lb., sheep fleeces available for $5-15/lb., angora goat fleeces available for $5/lb., Pygora cloud for $10/oz., and possibly alpaca fleece for $5-15/lb.

I hope to be able to post the yarns, dyed fleece, and dyed roving/batts here also.

Pictures will be posted here.

I am planning on sending Icelandic fleeces to North Carolina this spring to be turned into Lopi yarn. I am also planning on sending colored Dorset fleece to be blended with black Mohair fleece to become sock yarn. I hope to have the mill above also make us a wool/alpaca blend yarn. Don't know the weight. Will leave that up to the mill as she raises alpaca and does a great job with our yarns!

I am planning on using the new to us triple picker and any of the carding machines we are owned by the produce our own blend of wool, llama, alpaca, angora, mohair roving and batts.

Of course, the first blend I need to make is the one that has been waiting near the big carding machine the longest. A fleece from one of our favorite, but long deceased, rams named Joshua who was a chocolate Border Leicester/Romney, and an alpaca fleece.Since I've cleaned out the washed holding area and reorganized it, I found the 2 fleeces. After I get the alpaca washed, I will be good to go.

Here's to hoping that 2016 is a great year! And, a productive one!! Not working 6 days a week at the Post Office, and helping Jerry with shearing 7 days a week would help...



Julie Patterson said...

Blending fibers such a tactile experience Enjoy

Cindy Yeager said...

Thanks Julie!

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