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Dorset sheep

We raise primarily Horned Dorset sheep here at Ewe & I Farm. We've had polled Dorset in the past, we lost our last ewe this summer. We do have a couple of Romney, but the majority of the flock is split between Horned Dorset and Horned Dorset (Dorset)  X Romney crosses.

This is the original Dorset sheep from England, called Dorset Horn.

The main reason we raise Horned Dorset sheep is to help get them off the American Rare Breeds Conservancy's Conservation Priority Watchlist. Plus, I love the docile nature of the Dorset and the fact that they are easy lambers and great mothers.

Rosamond Gifford Zoo
Dorset_Sheep_km. Edition Date – 8/10/2006. Researched and written by the Friends of the Rosamond Gifford Zoo Education Volunteers. The following was taken from this site.
(Horned and Polled)

Dorsets are best known for their ability to produce a lamb crop any time during the year. History tells us that centuries ago when Spain wished to conquer England, Merino sheep were brought into southwest England and crossed with the Horned Sheep of Wales. The result was a desirable, all-purpose sheep that spread over Dorset, Somerset, Devon and most of Wales.

The first Horned Dorsets were brought to the United States in 1885. In 1948, a dominant gene for polledness occurred resulting in Polled Dorsets which are now popular in the farm flock states. Dorset ewes are prolific, heavy milkers that produce lambs with moderate growth and maturity that yield heavy muscled carcasses.
Breed categories: medium wool, meat
Distribution: Worldwide

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