Friday, June 03, 2016

Barber Pole Worm aka Haemonchus contortus and FAMACHA

Ewe & I Farm got slammed with this worm a number of years ago. Before much was known about it in the North East. It took lots of research and the help of the likes of Pipestone Vet, Jeffers, and I believe Premier (it has been MANY years now) before we figured out what was wrong with our sheep. We knew they had worms. We also knew that the available wormers were not working! Finally it was suggested that we try Cydectin. Within a week, our flock was bouncing back. Before that, we were changing wormers every week, and worming for a LOT of the summer. But, everyone was getting thinner and thinner.

We now worm with Cydectin once a year. Right after the ewes give birth in the spring they receive their dose. They are covered, and their lambs are covered through their mother's milk.

We then check eyelids and gums and worm as needed. Since we've started using the Cydectin, and use more aggressive rotational grazing, we've not needed to worm any other time of the year. We may get an occasional sheep that needs Ivermectin in the fall, but that is rare these days.

This is where we buy our products. If you click on the link, it will tell you what each wormer (dewormer) kills.

And, the FAMACHA 'test' for checking for anemia caused by worms.

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