Saturday, August 11, 2018


Today is 10 months since my 2nd shoulder surgery, which was almost 10 months after the first failed one, and 10 weeks since I broke my ankle.

The shoulder is getting stronger due to the wheelchair, but it is still not strong enough to use the walker, or the crutches, for any period of time. I guess I will need to start doing push ups...

The ankle is healing slowly. The Achilles Tendon is super tight, so doing (trying to) exercises is rather painful. But, I will keep moving it. I hope to be able to do weight bearing by September 1st. I see my surgeon again this coming Thursday, so we will see what he says.

The ankle is still swelling easily, and is still discolored.
My poor toe hurts from running onto it with the front
wheel of the wheelchair. I was looking backwards in 
order to not run over Jack Black who insists on laying
directly behind me. I guess he is guarding me....

Edited to add:
The surgeon has told me I can start putting 25% of my
weight on my foot when using the walker or the crutches.
I asked him if he realized how weight that was in my case.
He said, 'just be careful'. I am so excited!!!
I will only be 'walking' with the air cast. 

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