Saturday, March 14, 2009

More Cornelius lambs

Please be warned that some of these pictures are pretty graphic and close up of two different ewes giving birth!!
Fluffy gives birth. Twin boys. They are Border Leicester/Romney/Columbia X Horned Dorset.

Proper presentation of a lamb.

This is how I usually see a lamb presented. Two hooves and the 'beak', and then the head.

Right after the 2nd is born.
These are Susan and Cornelius's 'children'. The first 3 are Spot, the ewe that we are keeping. Susan is Maggie and Charlie's daughter. That makes her Dorset/Romney/Shetland X Horned Dorset.

Her twin, Double Spot, may have horns. I don't think she will.
These were taken of Susan, Fluffy and there 'kids' while waiting on Psycho to give birth. Fluffy's children show the Border Leicester ears from their grandfather, Joshua, who is Border Leicester/Romney.

Fluffy and her twins. Susan and her twins. These were taken shortly after their births. These lambs were born 3/8/09-Susan, and 3/9/09-Fluffy.
Psycho gives birth to twins. I miss her birthing this one, but caught on 'film' the next one. Pictures are pretty graphic. These lambs were born 3/12/09.

This is the first birth I have seen and documented that the lamb was born totally encased in its birth sack. Usually, as seen with Fluffy before, the sack will start to tear as the lamb is being born. When the head is out the lamb can start to breath. This lamb could not breath on its own until it hit the ground and the sack then broke.
If you click on the pictures, you can see the blood vessels in the sack.

Psycho's second lamb newly born. I cleaned off her mouth and nose and then backed away so she would bond with her.

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