Saturday, March 14, 2009


A few years ago we had our first (and only) triplets. Unfortunately, they all ended up as bottle babies. Since Jerry couldn't be home all the time to help feed, he built this feeder for us. When there were three bottles going at once, they were bungee corded in place. It can hang anywhere on the green gates and the wooden arm adjusts the angle. It is set up to mimic mom's teats. Except we use the Pritchard teats instead of the hard black teats, as discussed in an earlier post.
Salt is one of two lambs born to Moose. His twin is Pepper. He was 10#, Pepper was 14#. He appeared to have white muscle, despite the fact that we add Selenium to the feed and minerals, and he was not getting enough milk from his mother. So, we are supplement feeding him 3 times a day. He sucks down his bottle and then goes and finds Moose and nurses from her as well.
We are not keeping him. He is a market lamb, and hopefully we can get him up to weight in time for Easter market.

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