Monday, June 29, 2009

Rain, rain go away

Monday morning, and it is still raining. The girls are saying, 'What do you mean you want us to go outside?'. Fortunately for them, I removed 6-8" of manure, hay and dirt from behind the barn exposing the gravel and stones that Jerry had put in for drainage. All that will go into next years' garden as 'black gold'. The girls went out long enough for me to grain them, and then in they came. 4 hours later, and they are still in the barn, out of the rain. (o; Me too, but in the house.

Yesterday, Sunday, while waiting for a customer to arrive I wandered about in the brief sunshine taking pictures and this is one of the things I found.
I had put the trash from planting the garden in the wash basin, meaning to bring it into the house or barn to throw away, but I forgot or got distracted. So, it sat outside in the rain collecting water. There is a frog 'living' in the basin, as well as either dragonfly larvae or mosquitoes. I am praying for dragonflies. Either way, the frog has good eating.
The non-swamp maples are turning color already.

This is a puddle that has formed in the 'road' that goes out to the back pasture. Some frog laid its eggs and the tadpoles have hatched. If you notice in the upper right picture, mama raccoon and her child(ren) have noticed...

And what part of 'puddle' does this turtle not understand? I took my rake and scooped her out, but she went right back in and buried herself in the very bottom. I made sure she was gone later, and that there were no eggs. This puddle happens to be right behind where I park my jeep.

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