Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sheep for sale

The ewe in front (#22, born 3/13)is from Lillian, a Border Leicester ewe and Cornelius, the Horned Dorset. The ewe in back (#15, born 2/27) is from Chocolate 12 (pictured) and John, Romney. Each is for sale for $125- and can be registered with the Natural Colored Wool Breeders.

Far left is Silver, Registered Romney. For sale with Long John Silver (John) and her twin Psycho for $375.

Grace (Romney) pictured with Spot (13# at birth) and her twin Double Spot (ram 10# at birth). Their mother Susan, Dorset/Romney X Shetland. The twins father is Cornelius. They are for sale at $90 each. He is not wethered, yet. I was going to keep Spot, but I need to cut back.

#22 and #15.

Valentine (#3, born 2/14) to Sarah, Dorset/Romney X Border Leicester/Jacob, and Cornelius, Horned Dorset. She is for sale for $125.
Pepper (born 2/23, one of two rams) born to Moose, Corriedale/Romney, and John, Romney. He will be a gentle giant and should make someone a great breeding ram. He is for sale for $125.
Both can be registered with the Natural Colored Wool Breeders. #3 & #22

One of Heifer's twin ewes, born 2/17. Heifer, pictured above with both twins, is Dorset X Border Leicester/Jacob bred to Cornelius, Horned Dorset. Each of the ewes are for sale for $90.

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Laughingrat said...

Awwwww, I think I got Valentine's fleece last year. And it was a beautiful fleece! Too bad I got nowhere to keep a sheep. :(

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