Friday, July 31, 2009

Random shearing and cute pictures

Shearing in April at Painted Shadow Farm, Marlow, NH. I am sitting in the goat yard with the babies. You can see Jerry and Bonny in the first picture, near the van, shearing one of her alpacas.

One of Jerry's customers 'up North' has a llama, therefore the chute, but does not have electric in her barn and so the generator was also loaded. It is nice to know that my van, which the state of NH WILL NOT classify as agricultural, can haul all this comfortably.

The last 2 pictures are for my family.
Wonderfall farm in April. Yes, you can shear a llama laying down. She just would not go in the chute and simply cushed in front of it. She did stand up when Jerry was done and let him do her belly and feet without a fight.

Shearing at Shari's in May. The butterflies were all over the llama/alpaca poop pile.

This is the very nice person to whom the chute belongs. She allows us to store it at our house and use when & where we need it. Thank you Shari!! She also taught Jerry how to shear a llama and alpaca. At least where they get sheared, and where they do not.

After they were sheared and released, the first thing they all did was go out and roll in the sand pile. Now they are cool and comfy. Notice the butterfly flying up at me when I was photographing the happy alpaca. They were everywhere!


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