Friday, November 13, 2009

Our visit with Valery & Paul in Connecticut

I love my daughter. She is so very photogenic, unlike her mother... I can not smile when I get my picture taken. My eyes disappear........ But she smiles so nicely and is such a pretty woman.

We stopped at Paul's sisters and picked up a carpet remnant that they had left when they replaced the carpet on the boat. I now have carpet under the bed and 2 runners in the kitchen. you know what I look like on a normal day. (o;

There is some ugly in Connecticut with all the fuel/oil tanks and big towers with electric, but you go a little North and you can find some pretty.
Val & Paul live at a Yacht Club. They are gated in and have remotes to get in/out. It is a fairly nice place, although I did tease them about living at a 'red-neck yacht club'.

All of these pictures were taken at low tide. This is their boat, and the surrounding boats. A lot of the boats are out of the water for the winter.

Jerry entering the boat, and Valery leaving.
Some of Val's pig and wine collection.
She collects unusual wine. They have a good size galley kitchen.

The bathroom is a very nice size. You don't have to go out to change your mind...
I caught her looking in from her bedroom. Can't you see that 'Aw, Mom!' look?

The couch opens up into a full size bed. Jerry standing in front of the sliding glass door entry and the entertainment center.

Looking toward the kitchen and bedrooms. Val in their bedroom, looking for books for me to read. The 2nd bedroom is bunk beds, but they use it as a storage room and closet. Of course, the door is always closed, so no one sees this. But, Mom had to look....
Their boat has bigger rooms than some of the first apartments that Val & I lived in during the 'divorce years'.
Do you remember the shawl I made for her wedding 3 years ago? And the Joshua sweater that she decided she liked? Can I deny my daughter anything?? Hmm... probably not much.

Triangles within triangles shawl, made with tencel.

We went to visit them primarily that weekend, but there was a 'craft' show going on at their Yacht Club that Saturday. In order to support their Yacht Club, Paul purchased table space for us to bring our hand knits. Thank you to all who purchased from us!! We had a profitable weekend!

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