Tuesday, April 27, 2010

NH Sheep & Wool festival is in 11 days!!!

Just for your temptation...We have been commissioned to sell 20 Icelandic fleeces for one of Jerry's shearing customers. Just a few of the sheep. If we don't sell them all, they will be on the fleece page.

Chris Duncklee's Icelandic fleeces will be there as well, in roving form.

For some reason I could not get this link in my other post about shearing at Chris' farm... So, let's try it here. http://www.christophersduncklee.com/ Very nice work!!!
And, I have been dyeing up a storm. We have new roving and yarn colors to tempt you! (o;
(Pay no attention to the cat helping in the picture) One of the few colors not for sale is on the Kiwi. The yarn might be for sale though.

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