Saturday, April 03, 2010

Spring on the farm

Aww spring!! The grass is greening, the trees are 'shooting', the birds and the frogs/peepers are singing and the sheep are bouncing!!

I went to walk out to the back pasture to check on grass growth, and the girls were under the impression that I might take them with me. Silly girls!! Here they come ripping down the hill.

Can't you just hear them saying, 'Wait a minute! You forgot someone!!'?

In most places, the grass is doing well. We have some re-seeding to do...

In other places there is fungus...

Then there are manure 'mountains' from when the spreader decided to break... Jerry will need to find the metal to fix this with soon, as the real manure mountain continues to grow at the barn....

Trees are budding, and some grass is trying to grow.

The hemlock is just loaded with cones.

Looking back at the house. Even the 'driveway' is growing.

Coming closer to the barn, and Chocolate sheep decides to give another go at the human letting her out.

And her friends all come down yet again!

The 2 youngest Horned Dorsets.

Tina. Some of our old fashioned Horned Dorsets.

Julius with 2 ewes and 2 lambs. "I am not running down that hill!!"
And a batch of ewes and lambs at the bottom of the hill.

Look Mom! I can fly!! One of the 2 silver ewes that we are keeping.

Another couple of lambs we are keeping.

The front yard. Oregano is coming up.

Lilac with new shoots.

A couple of scrumptious fleeces waiting to be skirted.

Bags of wool waiting to be skirted. Just inside the door are pots of veggies...

Just for you Val... (o; Love you!!
Not long after I took these pictures, we took 12 lambs to another farm for them to raise. It is a lot less crowded in the barn now... We still have 8 in the barn, 6 ewe lambs are staying.

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