Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Friday the 13th

Winter has finally arrived in NH. About 6" of snow yesterday and freezing rain today. So very glad I don't have to go out. Even my chickens are not going out. No interest whatsoever! They have fresh water, food, and some scratch to scruff up the shavings and poo when I go out to collect eggs, and to open or close their doors. The rescue chickens now have a red heat lamp at night, and any day that it is below zero, as they still have no butt feathers. )o:

But, I walked up 9 dozen eggs to the fridge at the top of the drive, and so far there is another 3 dozen in the cooler. There will be more eggs when I go out later to check on them and then to close them up for the night.

AND...I found my scale last night!! That means this afternoon I will be weighing fleeces and hopefully getting them posted tonight.


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