Monday, January 02, 2012

Shearing has started!

Maggie is looking out to see if it is her turn, or not. Not yet Maggie!

Any seed left in there? I am naked and need something to warm me up!
 Look at all of the lanolin stripes on her!
 Lizzie, one of the 2 boarders gets her haircut. Look how quietly she is laying.
Candice, a Horned Dorset, just lays there as well.

Yummy fleece!

Dolores, the other border, says to Stormy, ''I know you! You were my first boyfriend!!"

 A naked Lizzie, Gracie (Horned Dorset), and little Mouse (Romney/Dorset). with old lady Maggie (our original Dorset/Romney) in the middle.

This is Lillian's fleece. That whole center stripe was removed during skirting.

Lillian before shearing. The tips are slightly matted, but they open during the washing and picking stages.
Nope! Don't want to be sheared.
Poppy. Romney.

This is why we shear in January. We are able to see everything that is happening to them without having to touch them. This is Patience's back end. She is a 2 year Dorset and this is her first pregnancy.

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