Thursday, February 13, 2014

Dyeing on a snowy day

 As you can see on the tractor, and the top of the
hoop house, we are finally getting snow.
 The boys are hiding in their hoop house, while
some of the girls are out in the snow.
Being pregnant, I am sure they are quite warm!

 What else does a sheep farmer do on a snow day?
Dye wool, wash fleece, and spin wool!
No housework here today. Maybe tomorrow...

 The rack is next to the wood furnace.
The dyed wools are a mixture of wools.
Heifer, black/brown and white, 
Border Leicester x Dorset
Lillian, brown Border Leicester x Romney
Stormy, silver Romney
Abraham, white Border Leicester x Romney

The white on the drying rack is Candace,
Jerry's favorite Horned Dorset.
I think he is also her favorite human!

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