Friday, February 14, 2014

Winter wonderland (PICTURE HEAVY)

 Looking out the front door.
 12" on front deck.

 The netting is heavy with snow.
 11" closer to the river. (on back of Jerry's truck)

 Magic, the tiny Romney, is a snow sheep.

 The pregnant ewes.

 Erin, Tina's 3 year old daughter.

 Magic back eating the spruce needles.
 Her 1/2 brother goes out to help.

 The old man Cloud. He is a Romney we bought from
Carolyn Terhune a few years ago. We have 2 of her ewes as well.
 Queen Victoria, Dorset. She is 13 years old.
 Look at the wind blowing the snow.

 The snow is deep enough that my buckets dragged along the path edge.
 Look at those dark clouds.
 Water bucket on the left, grain bucket on the right.
The netting is now free of snow.

7 eggs at 10 am. Only 1 needed washing.

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Linda said...

…just beautiful!!

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