Tuesday, June 30, 2015

How much meat can you expect off a 40-60 pound lamb?

NOT 50 pounds!!

 I told the potential customer that I would sell them the largest 3 month old lambs I had and take them to the butcher. These 2 were close to 60 pounds. That is ~30 pounds dressed. The husband shows up at my husband's work to pay for them, but when he finds out that they will not be 50 pounds, he cancels the order. Meantime, I am over 1/2 an hour into a 1 hour trip to deliver them to the butcher for them. Hubby calls and says to bring them home. Order cancelled. Now, I am totally ticked off!!! I wasn't going to charge for transportation because I shifted some things around and was going to run my errands on the way home. Win-win for both of us. But NO! I can't run any of my errands because I have 2 screaming lambs in the back of my van, and now I am out gas money that I don't have to spare.

 I WILL NOT do this again! You want our lambs, you will need to buy them and provide your own transportation. We sold lambs this year to a very nice family in Maine, a high school senior in NH and an older couple in northern NH.

1/2 of next year's lambs will go directly to the meat man for Easter. The rest will either be private sold, or shipped to the meat man for Greek Easter.

I generally like people, but today I am thoroughly annoyed. First the shipper (for taking animals to auction) is a no show, no call. And, then this. I am glad though that the shipper did not come today as now I can add 2 more lambs to his trailer and make more money to pay more bills!!

Off to take another Vicodin and rest for a while. It has been 4 weeks since inguinal hernia surgery, and although I am getting better and better each day, moving 2 60 pound lambs and driving for more than an hour with them screaming behind me has taken a toll on me.

THIS will tell you how much meat you can expect to get from sheep, pig, cows and goats.

And, this.

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