Thursday, June 11, 2015

Loads of lambs for sale!

Horned Dorset, Horned Dorset/Jacob (1 white ewe, 1 black/brown and white ewe, 1 white ram, 1 black/brown and white ram), and Dorset/Romney lambs available. Born March 11 to April 13, 2015. $150 each. We also have 3 Horned Dorset/Jacob yearling ewes available. 2 white, 1 brown/black and white. Also $150 each.

Whatever is not sold by the end of June will be going to auction. And, no, I will not summer them over at our place. We need to move them on in order to have enough grass for the adults.

 Aren't I a cute ram lamb?

 Tallulah. Not for sale. The mother is some of the Horned Dorset/Jacob crosses.

 Socks, on the left, is NOT for sale.
 Lots of perfectly good grass and it wants hay...
 Horned Dorset cross ewe

 Yes, there is as much fleece around as there are lambs...

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