Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Trying out my daughter's camera

 I found our little porcupine up in a tree.
The way it was sleeping I could not tell if it
was asleep, or dead. Until I shook the tree
 and woke it up. ;)
 First time I've gone down to look at the squashes
in quite a while. Other than losing 3 out of 4 of the
little cukes, they look to be doing OK despite not 
having a lot of rain. I am going to have to invest in
some hose to go way out there.
 The squash with the wool skirts around them are 
doing better than those without. I have plenty more
skirtings under the table to put in the tractor to take
down there. Between mulching out weeds, feeding it
sheep poop and holding in the moisture, it is a win-win.
 And, with me gardening with the no till method, I can 
leave the skirts in place. Just pull the spent plant and 
dump it in the compost pile. A little fresh composted 
manure in the opening for the winter. Dig a hole in the
manure and put in new plants next spring.

 Now to find the time to put in some pole beans.
 Callie Calico
 Jerry covering some of the hay.
 A young porcupine up a tree.

 We still have 10 lambs available for sale.
$150 each.
I am keeping one more female.
Carl the Cow's twin sister. 
Cara (as in Car (soft) a)

 That would be Cara with the hay on her head.
Patty Duke is to the right and slightly behind her
(in the picture below). He brother Carl is behind right
(in the picture above)

 Jack Black

 Looking toward the boys.
 The girls.

 Nea and Noggen.

 Yes, I know my ceilings are covered with spider
webs. We like our spiders. They keep the fly population
under control. As do the Phoebes. But, the 3 babies in 
the nest next to the light are so LOUD!!!

 The cabbage and broccoli are doing well.
But, then again, his nibs has been watering
this garden every couple of days or so.
 One of the upper gardens. There is some lettuce
growing along the stone wall. I need to plant some
more. In the weeds are peas.

See the pea pod?

Hopefully the video works on here.
The lambs are so cute!

Stay cool and have a good night all!

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