Monday, August 22, 2016

Valery, Paul, Dahlia and I hiked to Lake Solitude today

I have lived in NH for 43 years and have never done this hike. I won't do it again! It was incredibly rocky and steep in places, and not for the disabled in any way.

 Trail registry.

 Lake Solitude today does not look like
the pictures on the web site.
Lots of lily pads.
Only one duck...

 Disgraceful vandalism!

 Paul with some other hikers trying
to convince Dahlia to swim across.

 She made it about 1/2 way and then turned around.

 Just a little garter snake.
There were no bugs, nor birds on the hike (save 
the duck in the lake). The only wildlife we saw was
the salamander, the duck and the snake. No
squirrels or chipmunks. Just quiet.

 Valery and I with cliff in the back ground.

 Valery, Paul and Dahlia.

 The remnants of a tree hit by lightning.

 Where there is a will, there is a way.

 Valery found a sweet waterfall.

And, now we are home making dinner.
Valery is pulling apart the pork shoulder
that was cooking in a low oven for almost
12 hours. I mixed up the macaroni salad 
and the potato salad. The pork will go back
in the low oven with barbecue sauce until
hubby gets home from mowing in the hay field.

Enjoy the cooler temperatures all.

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