Monday, August 01, 2016

Busy and disappointed

I've not been here lately as we've been busy in the hay fields. But, today is a rainy day, as was yesterday, and I am going to try to get something done around the house. Some soap making would be good. Just need to get myself motivated...

Yesterday was a hang out by myself while his nibs moved equipment from one field to another with his friend John, and catch up on some recorded TV. My body and my mind are both hurting, so I am not doing much. Not yesterday anyway.

I've been doing most of my posting on FB.
But, after yesterday, I don't know how much I will be there either. I made a comment about how disappointed I was by people, and I got slammed by someone for it. She at least did it privately. I know she is feeling her own pain, but she does not understand my pain. More and more I understand why people take their own lives. (No. I am enough of a bitch that I will be here for a while.) I have since taken my post down. I just don't know if I want to share anything personal anymore there or here. My personal is so tied up in the farm that there usually is no real distinction between the 2.

So. I will be in and out of here. Most likely more on the wool page here and on FB trying to move inventory in order to pay for new (to us) equipment. And, who knows? (Only God. That is for sure!) I might not have a job by the end of the year and will be online all of the time trying to sell fiber, yarn and soap. (It is all in God's hands.)

Off to see if I can pick myself up and get something done today. Back to work delivering mail tomorrow. In the meantime go check out my photos of our newest resident. A young porcupine enjoy the clover on the front yard. I shot ~8 minutes of video of her/him, and took a bunch of stills.


Hope y'all have a great August 1st! And, that August is better than July!!!

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