Friday, November 03, 2017

It has been a hell of a week!

 Sunday we had a wicked storm pass through.
Serious wind and rain.
 The wind snapped this tree, and the top 
landed on the top two wires. The only
thing that kept it from taking out all of 
the wires was the branch. The power
blinked out at 10 pm Sunday night, but
it came back. It went out for good
Monday morning at 5:30 am.

 As I type this by generator power, it is 2 pm Friday 
and we still do NOT have power. Ever Source called
this morning and said that someone would be out.
I've yet to see, or hear, anyone checking it out.
It is getting quite expensive to run the generator.
But, at least I am not trying to fill buckets of 
water from the brook out behind the barn.
We've done that in the past, when we were younger.
 But, the animals don't know any different.
Stormy and his visiting girlfriend are using the 
temporary shelter. Fortunately they are both 
trained to the electronet, so it does not have to be on.
 The water has receded in the pigs' yard. 
Their acre was 3/4's under water.
They had plenty of  dry places to sleep though.
 The chickens kiddie pool was empty S.
They still had a dry place to  hang out outside
under the broken EZ-up

 No. They are not spoiled.

 Hiding in plain sight in the garden is Callie Calico.
She is an orange, white and gray tabby calico.
She has found the young catnip and is getting 'stoned'.

 You can see her better here in the lower right corner.
Below, Jack Black is coming to see what she has.
And, the chickens are working on cleaning out the garden.
 Have a good weekend all.

If you are out and about Saturday
from 9-1 come check us out
 at the Danbury Winter Farmer's Market. 

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