Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Of stash and baby watch

Someone asked on one of the FB lists to show off
their stash. Well, I will show you a little.
 13 fleeces from this year's shearing.
Waiting for more than one day of good
weather so they can be reskirted, bagged and tagged.
 Waiting on Dani to give birth.
She is the only visible one left to go.

 Chip. A SMALL yearling Horned Dorset ram.

 2 of coated fleeces waiting to be sheared.
I don't know if the VERY old man will be sheared.

 Next year's stash growing on the hoof.

 Some of my bedroom stash.
Fleeces I have on the blog as I do not yet
have the shoulder to spin. New fleeces will
be sheared this spring from the same sheep.

Some of my sale rovngs, and baskets of
our own Wool n' Ewe yarn.

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Crystal said...

Looking forward to seeing pictures of the new little lambs!!!

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