Friday, March 02, 2018

Taking a break from fleeces

We were in the mid 60's here March 1st.
Mud season has started, and is made worse 
by the tractor. But, it is only bad at the bottom 
of the driveway. People can still park at the barn
and walk across to the front door of the house.

 Hubby cut a red oak that was so big the 
Mahindra could not pull the whole thing up 
the embankment. He ended up cutting it in half.

 We will have firewood for quite some time.
He has another couple of big trees in this area
to cut, as well as all the small ones. This is part
of the pig yard. We hope to get grass growing 
in that acre section this summer and get the sheep out there.

 Thank God, and Jean Helie, for the wood splitter.
I got a note from my lazy mail carrier informing us that
she will not deliver any packages to us until the mud is gone.
SERIOUSLY?!?! Don't be pissing off the former rural route
mail carrier! As posted above, she has no reason to come all 
the way down the driveway. She needs to park at the barn and
leave packages at the front door. I found a package late last night,
just before the storm, that was on the ground between the generator
and the house. At the basement door. Come on lady! You've been told
to bring packages to the front door! I don't understand how she gets
away with not doing her job...
Today's pouring rain is not helping the mud situation at the bottom
of the driveway, but the barn driveway is fine. Just plain ticked!

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