Monday, March 03, 2008

Introducing Charlotte and Cheyenne

At 5 am this morning, Monday, Lillian gave us Charlotte. Lillian is Shauna (Romney) and Joshua's (BL/Romney) daughter. Charlotte's father is John (Romney) She has the same white spot on the top of her head that Lillian had when she was born. Charlotte was 10#.

It was all of 5 degrees when she was born. Even with the heat light, her tail still has icicles.

Maggie with Squall and her daughter Samantha with Cheyenne are in the front lamb jug. Poor Maggie is so cold without her cold that she spends a lot of time under the heat light. But, that also means she spends a lot of time with her son.

The only time that Snow is quiet is when she is sleeping. As you can see Shauna does not go far from Maggie. And Snow likes to be as close to the heat light as she can get. (o;

Maggie is on one side, and Samantha on the other. For some reason Cheyenne likes to sleep by herself. That is Silver (Romney) 'guarding' her on the other side.
Cheyenne. 8# at birth.

Samantha is Maggie and Tucker's daughter. She is one of our prettiest 'mutt' sheep. She is Dorset/Romney X Border Leicester/Jacob. Cheyenne's father is John (Romney). I did not get any pictures after she was born at 8 pm last night (Sunday). Jerry and I were exhausted and just went to be after we need that Cheyenne was nursing.

The view of the lambing jugs as I leave the barn. Silver on the left, Shauna and Snow on the right. See how close Shauna is to Maggie.

Victoria and her twins.

Horatio and Rachael. A very pregnant Sweetie behind and another very pregnant Susan in front of Rachael.

Another shot of Sweetie and Rachael with Horatio. And Moose with her twins.

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