Friday, March 14, 2008

March lambs

March saw an explosion of lambs here. From the 1st to the 10th, we had 15 lambs born! That brings our total to 21. We had 6 sets of twins and 7 singles. We have 13 black, 1 silver and 7 white. And we have 12 rams and 9 ewes. Our largest was 14# and our smallest was 3#.
There might be 1 more pregnant and she has until March 22 to deliver. But, I am not holding my breath on her... (o;
Maggie and Squall. Born 3/1/08

Samantha and Cheyenne. Born 3/1/08

Lillian and Charlotte. Born 3/3/08. You can see Maggie hiding under the heat light.

Sarah and her 'Butterfly twins' Shaun and Sheila, born 3/3/08 at 3# each.

Fluffy with Sharon. Born 3/6/08

Chocolate #12. Her twins were born 3/7/08
Heifer with Ebony & Ivory. Born 3/7/08
Silver and her twins. Born 3/9/08

Sweetie and Sharon. Born 3/9/08
See how white her wool is under the coat?
Susan with Scott & Squirt. Born 3/10/08
Random sheep in snow pictures.

Lambs in the aisleway of the barn. The temporary creep.

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Lee said...

Hey Girl, You sure have been busy, and you have a lot of kids:) They sure are cute too!

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