Sunday, March 02, 2008

Introducing Squall

Some of these pictures are pretty graphic, so this post is rated PG!! And there are LOTS of pictures here!! I apologize to anyone with Dial Up. I shrunk the pictures as much as I could.
I went out to the barn at 8 pm because I could hear a ewe in labor on the baby monitor. Victoria was in front of the creep/entry gate and Moose was across the way. Chocolate 12 (who I wish would deliver already!!) had Snow snuggled up to her with momma Shauna standing watch. They knew what was going on and were staying out of the way.

I went in and got Jerry to come out and assist when it become obvious that Maggie was going to have trouble. Maggie is my oldest and original Dorset/Romney ewe. We have 3 of her daughters in our barn. She didn't get bred last year, the ram missed her, and this will definitely be her last year lambing.
Here Jerry is finding the nose and two feet. He then helps to open her open and gently guide the lamb out. As she pushes, he will pull a little harder, until all of sudden they lamb comes out with a flourish! He will then give the lamb to the mother so that she will start cleaning it and start bonding with it. We will help to towel dry the lambs as it is generally belowing freezing here when they are born. We will also clean the sac away from the mouth so that the lamb will start breathing and start crying for its mom. Jerry then backs away from the mom to observe. When she is busy with her lamb, he will then go back to her and make sure that the waxy plugs are out of her teats and that her milk is flowing.

With this ewe though, her milk did not come in until she passed her afterbirth about 2 hours later. No matter what we did, it was NOT happening. I finally made him a bottle with dried colostrum and milk. I fed it to him when he was under his mother trying to nurse so that he would not bond with me, but with her.
After she finished delivering, I looked up in time to catch the ewes up and on the move. The blur is Victoria's two lambs dashing to see where mom is going.

Johan & Scarlet are wondering 'What is that?'
He picks his head up quickly while mom is cleaning him up, and all the lambs (except Horatio, he couldn't be bothered) come to check out the new arrival. Notice Snow asleep on her feet and curled up because she is cold. The lambs also have to check out Jerry. (o;

The next morning finds Squall under the heat light and Snow as close to the light as she can get. You generally will find Maggie and Shauna together. Maggie was right there when Shauna delivered Snow. And Shauna was right nearby when Maggie delivered. Maggie is a little thinner than I would like, but Squall was also a 12 pound lamb!! This is the biggest lamb she has ever delivered! So a little thin doesn't worry me.


NH Knitting Mama said...

Congrats on another successful delivery.

Carissa said...

Glad to hear that Maggie and Squall are both doing well!

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