Tuesday, April 01, 2008

My hand 2 weeks after surgery

is healing rather nicely. The white is dead skin that isn't ready to be sloughed off yet. )o;
I will just need to be a little more aggressive with the wash cloth. (o:
But the hole is closing up well. I am done with the antibiotics, finally!! I have no real feeling in my middle finger from the cut up, but he (Dr. Mollano) said that is because they had to move a couple of nerves to get to the tendon 'tunnel'. So, that aggravated it and the finger is still swollen. In time the feeling will come back. In the meantime typing is weird.....as are other things... Yes, it is a little black and blue. I hit it with something.......won't go there. )o:

Now that you've had your weekly gross out...Have a great April Fools!! (I wish that was want this was.) Just be glad I did not put the eye ball in the palm that I considered..............

Off to see if I can get some random lamb shots.

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Jez said...

I was like "eeek" when I saw the photos. ahaha.

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