Thursday, April 24, 2008

The never ending winter

Our yard as of April 14.
The lambs don't mind much and the manure pile just keeps growing.
Coming to the front deck and then looking up beside the driveway.

My lilies in front of the deck and chives beside the deck are coming up.
The melted spot next to the drive is the leech field.

Still a lot of snow in front of the house from the roof.
The melted circle is the septic tank.

In front of the garage.
One week later, after 60-80 degree days.

Behind the house and between the house + garage.
The side pasture. Looking towards the garage, and then back at the grass and the poplars and white pine that we planted 3-4 years ago. The mice/moles had fun under the snow this year.
If we decide to not to sell, the first thing I'd do is change the ugly garage roof and side it. (o;
Stinging nettles and thistles have shown up. Darn!
The garlic is up as well as the irises. Hopefully this means no more snow.

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