Monday, May 12, 2008

32nd NH Sheep & Wool Festival

The few things and vendors I had my camera available to take pictures of.

'Pogo' Pogorelc, Friends' Folly Farm

Isn't this wheel gorgeous? It is from the Spinning Studio, owner Robin Russo, 1062 South Road , Bradford , VT 05033 , (802) 222-9240
Sheep Shed from New Boston, NH
Some of our food vendors & to the left, Lenore Sousa. She did the booklets, trifolds and tshirts. Thank you Lenore for your hard work.

Belgian Acres Farm- awesome apple crisp!! and french fries.
Scooter's Pretzels Milton, VT
Holly's Fried Dough. Unfortunately I was so busy, I missed out on this. My fellow vendor Shari talking to the owners. Liz & Jeff Conrad
Adele Dupont, Golden Fleece Fashions, Canterbury, CT

Doreen Billig & Laurie Wiley- High View Farm and Will Ewe Farm

Dave Kennard's dogs alway draw a crowd.
another shot of the fairgrounds, coming from the green gate.

Ann Desmet and David Hull Windfall Farm hooked rugs & supplies
Decadent Fibers Kinderhook, NY
Roberta M:Clellan of Moat Mountain Farm

Donna Herrick, This and That Farm
Tom & Josie Speckert, Abi's Web Hinsdale, MA
Nancy Zeller (on right) Long Ridge Farm

Gene Matras, Ink Drawings by Gene Matras

Deb Woolley, The Irish Ewe, E. Balwin, ME
Jonathan & Sheila Bosworth, Journey Wheel,

Loranne Block from Snow Star Farm, Antrim, NH
Adele Dupont from Golden Fleece Fashions, Canterbury, CT

Bartlett Yarns

The entrance (side) to the Morrill Family Farm Museum. Inside the musuem building is the Annual Fleece to Shawl competion. Below are pictures of the teams. I so wish I had gotten back there when they were done to take more pictures, but unfortunately by the time I got back, they were gone. )o:


Thankful the weather was nice all weekend and full of customers.

Our friend & another booth helper/seller. Sue Maurer makes awesome felted hats!! She found this 'blockhead' flyer to show her husband. It would make it easier for blocking her felted hats.

Ken & Charlene Schultz from Honeybuns Rabbitry & Apiary, and Terry Collard, a weaver friend from Harrisville Designs.
Looking at the customers coming out of the building beside ours.

Looking at our display. Our new hanger from my dyed Romney rovings.
Joyce May. One of our booth helpers/sellers. Looking into the front of our building.

When Shari & I arrived to the fairgrounds on Thursday to mark vendor spots, the front (left) looked like the back (right) and was missing part of the roof. We could not get into the building until Friday at 2 pm to set up. Needless to say, this set my schedule back by quite a bit. We were still working on our set up Saturday when our customers arrived. I don't like having to rush around like that. I much prefer to be rested to greet people.

But, we still had a good weekend and I thank all of those who purchased from us. I am working this week on getting this on the Etsy site. So, stay tuned.

For another perspective of the Sheep & Wool festival go to this blog.


NH Knitting Mama said...

Thank you for sharing all the photos! Many of the vendors don't like pics done, so it is nice to be able to jog my memory on the beautiful booths!

melanie said...

wow, what eye candy! It makes me want to find a festivle! Remind us next year when it is getting close, a trip to New Hampshire may be a road trip the girls want to take!

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