Friday, May 30, 2008

Matilda coats

The following comment was left on our fleece blog and I decided to show you in pictures how there is less lanolin in our fleeces.
Windyridge has left a new comment on your post "Corriedale ewe": Your fleeces are lovely! As a spinner and sheep farmer and seller of covered fleeces myself, I am curious how coating the sheep causes less lanolin in the fleece.

The white coat is a clean coat. (Brand new they are whiter than that!) As the fleeces grow, or the coats become dirty, we change them and then I wash them. (The website says not to wash them, but I've got to!!) Some of what is on the coat is manure, but the majority of it is lanolin and sheep sweat. And the coats are a lot heavier when they are dirty than when they are clean.
My Corriedale wether gets a new coat about every other month. And his coat looks just like these when we change it.
Because I am so happy with the looks of our fleeces with these coats, we will be becoming dealers for the Matilda coats very soon!!

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