Sunday, December 14, 2008

The 2008 Ice Storm

In 1998, we in NH were hit by an ice storm. Everything was covered by a heavy glazing of ice. We were living in W. Springfield, NH at that point and one of NH Co-op's main power lines went through our front yard. At that point we were without electric for 5 days. Back in those days, we did not have a generator. We went to our friend, Kim Chartier's, house in Sunapee for water. We pushed the cover off her dug well and dipped a bucket in order to fill gallon jugs. We could then water our 3 sheep, and take care of things in the house. We used kerosene lanterns to read by, and to do other things until bedtime. Valery and I did a lot of reading those 5 days. Jerry went to bed early. (o;

10 years later. We are hit by another ice storm. But, this one is much wider spread than just NH. Jerry and I are much older and we now have a generator. We also have 35 sheep that need watering 2-3 times a day........I am writing this by the electric our generator creates. We are now on day 3, and patiently waiting. The following are some pictures of day 1 and day 3. I went to work yesterday and did not take the time to take pictures.

Day 1-The electric went out at 1 am. As of 5:30 am WOKQ reports 2000 out of 5000 PSNH customers are without electric, and that it could be a few days before we all get it back. (By day 2, this will be upped to more than 1/2 of their customers)
I, personally, applaud the highway crews for working through the night to keep the roads open. From downed trees, to icy roads, to clogged drains and culverts.
It was a little unnerving at 9 am to be out taking the following pictures. Trees are snapping and popping. Ice is falling from the trees and wires. I tried to stay away from any dangerous areas. I did walk up and down our driveway to take pictures, but I was fully aware of my surroundings.

Day 2-We awake to clear skies and a full moon. Praise God! I took Jerry to work for 5:30 am. 6 am finds me plying previously spun singles that I haven't had time to ply. Most likely these bobbins were spun at this past summer's Farmer's Markets. I needed to save the gas in the generator to water the sheep, so I am plying by kerosene lantern until 7 am when it starts to get light out.
By 9 am I am at work, and I don't get home until 4 pm. We get home, feed sheep, eat dinner and we are in bed by 8:30 pm.

Looking up and down the driveway.

Ice encrusted trees and weeds.

Weeds, a hemlock tree, and hay in the girls yard.

The pods on the lilac bush. The brook raging out behind the barn.
The holly bush, looking up at the barn. We had so much water, we had Lake Yeager at the bottom of the driveway.

The birches are all bent over. Our ornamental cherry tree in the front yard.
Under the porch with the generator looking out at Lake Yeager.
Looking through the rose and lilac bushes at the birches. Blow up the feeder line to see how the wind moved the bottles around. Some of the ice is facing down, some up and some out straight.
Day 3-The 'lake' has receded, but things are still encrusted in ice. The only thing I accomplished today was to ply a bobbin of wool, try to go to church, go get gas for the generator, and take a nap. Oh, and update my blog. :o) There was a sign outside of church that read-No power, no heat, no water, no service. I wish I thought to take out the camera. Oh, well!

Snow and ice crystals in the driveway. One of the utility poles at the end of our road. A branch hit the power line and the weight of it and the ice has started to snap this pole. Ice storms are just incredibly in the damage they can do.
I will update this again when I can. It is time for dinner and then most likely early to bed.


Anonymous said...

Ugh Ice storms! I've been through some nasty ones. One in particular we couldn't go anywhere for 2 weeks and most of that time had no power...

I'm glad you were so much better prepared than we were to deal with a storm and that you are safe..

We didn't get ice here, but we did get almost a food of snow... Yesterday was mild and as I'm typing this I'm hearing melting ice shooting down out the downspout...

Betts said...

Hope you have your power back. Ours came back Saturday at 4pm, but went out again Sunday from 10am-4pm. When I was outside for awhile, I thought I heard gunshots. Then I realized it was trees snapping. I hope it's at least another 10 years before this happens again.

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