Sunday, December 21, 2008

First big snow of December 2008

Friday afternoon it started to snow, and it did not stop until briefly this morning, Sunday. According to my yard stick on the front deck, we've gotten 11" of snow so far. They are calling for another 11-15" today, and then the wind is supposed to blow and the temperature drop to as low as 3 below with the wind chill.
The front yard before I started cleanup with the tractor. Jerry plowed Friday night before he went to work and again Saturday morning (4 am) before he went to work. I plowed and pushed until the tractor was low on diesel.
My holly bush and the Rosa Rugosa. The trash can with almost 11" on it. It was still snowing.
This is Psycho. She's not spoiled. Now say that 100 times and I might believe it. Not! I put a pillow near the wood furnace to dry after washing it. She claimed it as her own. So I asked Jerry to at least put a pillow case on it, in case we need to use it for a human. Since it is close to the furnace, that is where she spends most of her time. Unless of course there is a lap in the recliner with a blanket on it! This is one of his work benches. He just works around her. Not spoiled...
Ice storm damaged birches. Psycho Romney asks 'Where are you going? And where is breakfast?'
The girls followed me down the hill for their morning hay. Some of the older ones didn't want to trek that far and were headed back to be fed in the barn.

The front yard, after I plowed. If you blow up the photo on the left, you will see Shaun the Sheep, aka Butterfly (the survivor). He was ripping up and down the hill, thoroughly enjoying the snow. One of the few times I wished I had a video recorder...

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