Friday, January 16, 2009


8 am and it is still only -21 degrees here. I will be spending the day in the basement, near the wood stove, skirting lamb's fleeces and washing fleeces. I also need to finish cleaning the basement to get ready for the fiber mill (when and if I can get our financing). Jerry needs to put up more lights and put in more outlets, so I might as well have the basement as clean as I can get it. Now, I am talking about the new basement in the house, not the original one. The new one has 9' tall ceilings and lots of windows. The old one is 2 sides built into the hillside and less than 6' ceilings. That is where my dye kitchen is, and the hot water tank, well pump, etc... Maybe I'll take some pictures.........
Needless to say, I have not been to the barn yet and I am in no rush to do so. The cat thinks his cat door needs to be opened, but he will get over it. (o; We gave extra hay last night to hold them over, so they will be fine until the temperature gets to at least zero.
TTFN. Off to work in the basement.

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