Friday, January 30, 2009

Random snow & sheep pictures

Candace-Horned Dorset Almost 2 years old.

Rachael-Horned Dorset

Cornelius-Horned Dorset. Almost 2 years old. Ain't he gorgeous?!
Goliath-Corriedale aka Rug (as in shag) 11 years old. Still producing a gorgeous fleece.
A very snowy 'Butterfly' aka Shaun the Sheep. The surviving twin from the 3# lambs born last spring. He is already as big, if not bigger, than Snow.
Snow. Almost 1 year old. Still the tiniest sheep. Pure Romney.

Cheyenne. Look at the strange top-knot. The biggest of last year's lambs. She is almost as big as some of the adult ewes. (Hey Kimberly! This is the one you named. She'll be sheared in March.)
Looking out my front door. The newspaper says we got 14" in this last storm, but I think we got a little more than that.

Looking up the driveway, and looking down the driveway. Looking at the house from the barn.
It is supposed to warm up here this weekend, so we plan to start shearing. We have 4 ewes that could go anytime, thanks to Stormy Weather. He was too small to put in with the rams, but obviously, not too small to breed. We should know soon. Scheduled breeding in not meant to happen until February 14th. What a better way to spend Valentine's Day with the love of my life, than to spend it out in the barn waiting for lambs together.

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melanie said...

i see you have coats on most of them. I didn't get my covered in time this year, but next... i do have question... how soon after you shear do you start coating them... my guess the colored right away, and the white a little later?

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