Thursday, February 24, 2011

Farm update

We've had 3 more lambs born this past week. 2 rams and 1 ewe. Her name will be Faith, as I have faith that we can make a name for ourselves with Registered Horned Dorsets. We tagged the 5 and banded their tails. At this time, they are making a 'puppy pile' under the light in the creep.

We've put the 5 heaviest /closest ewes in the lambing pen. Those poor things are so close... We are listening carefully for that sound of labor.

No pictures at this time. They are still in the camera and I am too tired to load them into the computer. So...I am off to the recliner, a good movie, dinner and a lap warmer. Hopefully to bed early to get in at least a couple hour nap before all 'heck' breaks loose in the barn.

Hmm...maybe dinner will be delayed. Someone is making noises. Off to the barn.


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