Friday, February 25, 2011

More lambs...

As soon as Google lets me I will post more pictures.

Since 8 pm last we've had 6 more lambs. Cheyenne gave us at black ewe at 8 pm, Gert gave us a black ram at 3 am, Heifer gave us twin black lambs at 4 am, and Mabel gave us one of each (white) at 1 pm.
Gert doesn't want to nurse, so she is tethered to the gate and I have been milking her into a water bottle and feeding her boy every 2-4 hours. Mabel gave birth outside in the middle of the snow storm... Good thing I heard her on the baby monitor. Cheyenne and Heifer are doing fine, as are their kids. I just don't know what Heifer's kids are yet... I'll check later when we feed.


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