Monday, February 21, 2011

What have we been up to the last few days...

We had 2 ewes lamb one night after another. This brings us to 4 ewes lambing 5 lambs (2 ewe, 3 ram) in 7 days. We are both working, and shearing has started up. We've not had time to shear our own yet!
                                                          A newly born ram lamb.
                                                        Tina & Ruth with their children.
                         Cloud is looking on from the boys pen wondering 'What are those little things?'
                                                     One of many very pregnant ewes.
                                            Cornelius. Father to all the lambs born so far.
                                      I am so very lucky to be married to this wonderful man!!
                                                    Candace and her new ram lamb.
                                               Gracie and Faith and a no name ram lamb.
          Faith will be registered soon. She will be going to the NH Sheep & Wool May 14 & 15, 2011   

                                           Hey! It is safe in here. No one can mess with us!


Long Ridge Farm said...

Congratulations so far and thanks for sharing!

Sara said...

So cute!!!!

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