Monday, June 27, 2011

Any one want to spin with me?

I am cleaning out all of the 2010 fleeces in the basement today. Next week will be the 2011 fleeces in the garage. I do know that we have plenty of Romney in lots of colors, Merino in 2 colors, Corriedale in brown, Icelandic lambs in LOADS of colors, and many more breeds yet to be remembered and identified.

Read the Knitty blog below, and see if you need fleece (We have lots of roving as well that I need to post) that you want to spin along with me and Jillian.

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Tikva said...

I haven't found a comfortable way to follow the blogs on this site, but I think I will log in lots more often to see what is going on. I would have loved to bring you coffee and watch lol

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