Monday, August 29, 2011

 Irene helped us to get our front yard cleaned up. Now to work on the garage and the overhang.

The overhang where the extra fleeces have gone. The chickens walk through here to get to their temporary quarters. They seem happy here. They've not stopped laying since they were moved.           

The hay stayed covered thanks to Jerry's extra work.

This is what I have to do now. This is just the front of the garage. I will NOT show you the rest of the garage. Poor Jerry. It is so full he can barely get in there to do what he needs to. It will be a lot emptier within the next couple of months. (Yup. Just in time for fall shearing. Hopefully I will keep up better.)
Another shot of the overhang. And, just a small puddle left after all the rain.

And the chickens are thrilled to be unlocked from their barn. As are the sheep. Between the wind and the rain, we kept them locked up.

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